Eye Physician in Niles Illinois

Eye Physician in Niles Illinois

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There are many common eye conditions that affect children. Children should see an experienced eye physician in Niles Illinois for regular eye exams in order to detect them as soon as possible. Early diagnosis of eye conditions allows for early treatment, which is the key to stopping conditions from worsening.

Eye conditions can negatively impact a child in many ways; including learning in school. It’s critical to identify and treat them as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there are many eye conditions that are common in children. Amblyopia, commonly known as “Lazy Eye”, is one of the most common causes of childhood vision impairment. According for the American Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus, amblyopia is an eye condition in which there is decreased vision in one eye or in both eyes due to abnormal development in vision in infancy or childhood. Although the condition can be caused by any condition that impacts normal vision development, the most common cause is strabismus. Strabismus is an imbalance of the positioning of the eyes. It can cause eyes to turn outward (exotropia) or to cross inward (esotropia). Symptoms of amblyopia include: poor vision in one eye, inability to determine depth accurately, eye that turn inward or outward and eyes that appear to not work together. If amblyopia is not successfully treated by an eye physician in Niles Illinois during childhood, it will usually persist into adulthood. Before treating the condition, it might be necessary to treat the underlying cause. Eyeglasses are usually prescribed in order to improve focusing and misaligned eyes. Possible treatments include: eye exercises, eye patches and eye drops. A patch would be placed over the eye that sees better is patched to force the other (lazy) eye to work. Eye drops that blur vision in the good eye force the other eye to work. Non-surgical methods will be tried first but if they are unsuccessful surgery may be required to strengthen the eye muscles.

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