Niles Eyeglass Repairs

Niles Eyeglass Repairs

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Eyeglass Repairs in Niles

There are quite a few moving parts in your eyeglasses, and that combined with the fact that your lenses and your frames are subject to breakage mean that sooner or later, you are likely to need repairs done here at Chicago My Optical. Depend on us for it to be done expertly and in a timely manner. After all, you can’t afford to be without them for long.

We are very proud to have sturdy, well constructed eyeglasses, but that does not make them indestructible. It doesn’t always have to be an accident. Everyday wear and tear will eventually take its toll. How many times per day do you take them off and put them back on again? Among the issues that can cause you to need our Niles eyeglass repairs are sitting or stepping on your them, dropping them, and using too much force when you work the temples. Fortunately, there are some basic, helpful precautions that you can take to prevent damage. Avoid bending by not grabbing your glasses by the temples. Instead, handle them by the bridge. Whenever they’re not being worn, put them away safely. A good phrase to remember is “on your face or in their case.” A soft case is good for preventing scratches, but a hard shell cases is much better, since it will stand up to impact, even from heavier items. In addition to our Niles eyeglass repairs, we also sell home repair kits so that you can take care of easier jobs on your own. If, by some chance, it is not possible for us to fix your glasses, we will help you to choose a new pair of frames and put your prescription in it as soon as possible.

Stop in today to take advantage of our Niles eyeglass repairs. We are here to help.

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