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Optician in Niles

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Finding the right eyeglasses for your face shape in Niles

At Chicago My Optical our optical shop carries an extensive range of the latest designer eyewear. There are so many beautiful frames in our showcases that choosing the frames that look best on you can get a little daunting. Our optician in Niles will help you choose the perfect eyeglass frames depending on a number of important factors including your vision correction prescription, facial structure, budget and personal sense of style. Since eyeglasses are a functional fashion accessory the wearer’s personal style is an extremely important factor in choosing frames.

So, where do you start in choosing the best eyeglasses? The fastest way to be completely satisfied with your eyeglass decision is to work with our expert optician in Niles who has been trained to help make your eyeglass choice easy and leave you with the best eyeglasses for your vision needs and fashion wants. When it comes to matching the shape of the frames to your facial structure here are a few general guidelines to consider. If your face is oval-shaped with a slightly curved jawline and high angular cheekbones any style square or round frames will compliment your face, especially dark or light colored frames. Avoid oversized frames. For those clients with a round face that features full cheeks, a wide forehead and round chin the best-shaped frames are square or strong angular frames. People with round faces should avoid frames that are too short or small or are round.

If your face is heart-shaped with a broad forehead and a smaller chin and high angular cheekbones an oval or round frame is best, especially if it is thin and light-colored to balance the narrow chin. Avoid top-heavy styles or decorated designs and dark frames. Diamond-shaped faces with wide cheekbones and a narrow forehead and angular jaw lines should choose eyeglasses that are oval and rimless or glasses that have strong brow lines. They should avoid very narrow or thin frames. If your face is square with a broad forehead and strong horizontal jaw line round or oval frames that are dark or bold-colored are best while geometric and square frames that are light-colored don’t compliment your face. Whatever shape your face our optician in Niles will have the frames that will make you look your best.

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